Refreshing my freaking mind

It’s been a long quite while since my last post, time flies so fast that I didn’t even notice how things have changed so fast.

I saw, felt, experienced, realized and learned so many things. I even lost things and I lost someone. Things have gone complicated but it’s okay because life can’t be so freaking wonderful when there’s always happiness.

I wanna go to a place where I can relax, that I can forget all the freaking things in my mind right now coz its killing me.

I miss my camera, I want to get it back and I will find a way to get it back. ASAP! 🙂 I love photography I know I’m good at it, yeah I’m really good at it 😀

Random thoughts again in my mind.

I miss my Tita Erly, I prayed to God to help my Tita to cure her sickness, give her strength, to guide her and protect her always wherever she go.


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A blogger, Game Admin, Son, frustrated Photographer, Friend and a Team Leader. View all posts by wilburrt

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