1/365 – Adult Life

I’m getting used to waking up so freaking early in the morning now because of my job in AEGIS PeopleSupport. Well, to avoid the heavy traffic and overloaded MRT train. I love the environment even though the air is somewhat polluted. I’m very fascinated and amazed on those buildings around Me, imagining that aliens, a comet or a large asteroid will hit them just like in the movies. We are currently on a training period, sometimes its kind a of boring but most of time it’s not. I’m enjoying what I’m doing right now. I’m happy that I finally got a job, I’m so excited for my first salary because I wanna buy that iphone4s. I want one!! Gotta apply for that plan on iphone4s on Globe.

gotta sleep now.. its late.. i need to wake up at 4:30am..


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