A year had passed on Japan’s tragic memory.


       I can’t believe how time ran so fast, it’s been a year since a strong earthquake and a massive tsunami hit Japan. The whole world was shocked, cried and grieved for Japan. Not only Japan felt the earthquake but also the Philippines was one of the countries who experienced the earthquake that created the devastating tsunami, luckily and thank God the tsunami didn’t hit us. I was so shocked while watching the news on TV, seeing Japan being wiped out by the tsunami.

I read in the news before that Pres. Benigno Aquino III Jr. of the Philippines pledged to donate a million dollar donation for Japan. The thing that P-noy did was very touching even though Philippines suffers from extreme poverty and corruption and still knows how to give help and sympathy.

The best thing that we must do today is to offer and help those who are in need and needs help and assistance. We may never know what will happen in the future because only us here in Earth will help each other and also don’t ever ever forget to thank God in every blessings that we received.

May all the souls who passed away in the tragic and devastating tsunami rest in peace. God will take care of your families that you have left behind. I know that all of you there now are with God.

Japan is strong. God bless Japan.

Thank you for all those who captured those photos you know who you are may God bless you.


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