Back to the Future trilogy – Still rocks!

Back to the Future


       I’ve been seeing this movie in HBO for a very looooong time and its still awesome! The movie was released in 1985(I was not yet born), It is about a teenager who was accidentally sent to the past in 1955  and so on and on and on. I noticed in the movie that Marty’s(Michael J. Fox) favorite expression was the word “heavy”, I think that word came from the word “heavy metal” because in 1980’s Heavy Metal bands became one of the most dominant music genres in that decade.

It will be AWESOME if they will create a continuation or a remake of the movie. Nowadays, some of the movies they release are remakes. I’m sure that it will be a hit if they will make a remake of the movie, our technology today can create or make a far more awesome movies than before.

If you want to watch the movie just turn on your channel to HBO, HBO is currently playing the movie over and over and ooover. I think they will play it for a week or two.


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