American Idol 11 TOP 11: Songs from the year they were born. PERFORMANCE

 Jessica, Joshua, Hollie and Elise


American Idol Season 11 TOP 11: PERFORMANCE VIDEO

While I was having my dinner time eating one of my favorite food adobo Jessica, Joshua, Hollie and Elise made me sing while eating. Wooooah!

       Jessica Sanchez: Is one of the best contestants in the American Idol Season 11, Jessica sang “Turn The Beat Around“. It was a shocking episode of American Idol 11 for Jessica because she received somewhat “critiques” from the judges. Jessica you’re the best singer in the AI 11, let those critiques be your inspiration in showing and giving all of your best in your performances.

       Joshua Ledet: When I heard Joshua sang “When A Man Loves A Woman” I suddenly stopped eating and was moved by his voice and the emotion that I felt when He sang that song. That was a perfect song of choice. Stunning performance tonight Joshua!

       Hollie CavanaghShe is very beautiful and stunning, when Hollie sang “The Power of Love” the first person that came into my mind was Celine Dion. Hollie is the next “Celine Dion“.

       Elise TestoneI was so surprised when I heard Elise sang “Let’s Stay Together“, so sweet and so romantic. I love the way she sang that song it feels like I was in a fine dining restaurant in a romantic dinner date with my girlfriend. It was a beautiful and lovely performance of Elise.

And the rest great performance everyone!


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