Actual Image of Scarborough Shoal.
(courtesy of

       I can’t believe it! You’re claiming something that it isn’t yours?? Are you nuts?? Come on man! Are you plain dumb or you’re just stupid that you can’t understand what we are saying? It’s not the people  whom I’m telling this, it is those stupid leaders of those countries who claims “SCARBOROUGH SHOAL” as part of their country.

To the LEADERS: Before you became the leader of that country didn’t you know the LAW OF THE SEA? Or you’re having problems with your eyes that you can’t look directly at the map to see if Scarborough Shoal is close to your country.

       To the LEADERS of the Republic of the Philippines:

See what you did to our country? We can’t even defend ourselves. Those countries are bullying us, because they know that we can not do anything because We can not fight back, they know that we have a weak defense and offense. They are looking so low and small at us like we are just like ants to them.

LEADERS, what if those huge sum of money that you secretly put in your pockets use it in developing our COUNTRY, our MILITARY, EDUCATION, AGRICULTURE, HEALTH and TECHNOLOGY and not developing your HOUSES, landscaping your GARDENS, putting up BUSINESSES, having PHOTO OPS, setting and tuning up your CARS, being part of the SHOWBIZness, having lots of PRESS CONFERENCE and delivering SPEECHES to the PUBLIC that you’re doing so many things for this country but “YOU ARE NOT”.

I wish that the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos is still alive and still the president today, I know or We know that he knows how to handle situations like this and We know that Philippines will not be like this if He is still the ruler of this Country.” – Wilbert Y. Duldulao



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5 responses to “SCARBOROUGH SHOAL – Claimed by MANY, OWNED by only ONE “PHILIPPINES”

  • gu

    Naging kasaysayan narin ng ating bansa ang pananakop ng mga dayuhan nung mga nagdaang mga dekada, ako ay nagtataka lamang kung bakit hindi natututo ang mga leaders ng ating bayang pilipinas sa pahirap na dinanas ng ating sinaunang mga ninuno maipaglaban lang ang teritoryo ng pilipinas. Hindi sana dumating sa puntong ganito ang kalagayan ng ating depensang militar kung meron lamang adhikain at prinsipyo para sa ikabubuti ng ating bansa, bagkus nanatili ang kultura ng mga tradisyunal na magnanakaw. Panahon na para magdevelop ang ating bansa ng depensang pandigma, na magagamit ng mga butihin nating kawal, at kung 30% ang babawasan sana sa mga taunang pork barrel ng mga pulitiko para ipunin maging pondo ng AFP sa karagdagang pambili ng mga sopistikadong armas, mas masasabi pa natin na makabayan nga ang mga pulitikong ito, keysa ipambili lamang ng mamahaling bahay ng kanyang anak, asawa at kabit kung meron man…

    Ano ba naman! ganito nalang ba ang mababasa at mapapanood natin sa TV at pahayagan? Magkaisa na sana tayo sa iisang layunin para mapalagaan natin ang ating likas na yaman sa paraan maging handa sa lahat ng oras, syempre walang nanalo sa giyera sabi nga, pero bilang isang bansa na may demokrasya eh kelangan din natin ang depensang pandigma para sa ganun irespeto naman tayo ng ibang bansa.

    Tingnan ninyo ang ISRAEL, maliit na bansa pero kinakatakutan sa gitnang silangan, dahil sa taglay ng kanilang lakas at armas. Ang PIlipinas hindi ba kayang gawin kung magkakaisa lamang ang mga nanunungkulan?

    Sabi walang pundo ang AFP natin para mabili lahat ang dapat mabili, mas mayaman pa nga ang bansa natin keysa pakistan at Bangladesh, bakit ang mga bansang ito ay meron mga dose-dosenang jet fighters at mga guided missile ship? Simple lang ang sagot, kung ayaw may dahilan at kung gusto may paraan..


    • wilburrt

      Sang-ayon ako sa mga sinabi mo kapatid.. matagal na natin inaasam ang magkaisa subalit walang nangyayari dahil sa kasakiman at kawalang hiyaan ng mga pinuno ng ating bansa. Walang mangyayaring maganda kung puro sarili lang natin ang ating iniisip. Kakarampot na lang na respeto ang ating natatanggap. Kawawa na nga kinakawawa pa..


  • Karat Chef

    To the people of the world, I call for the spirit of the innate-vigilance in every soul that reads this article to be with us; Pilipinos. This time, i will ask not of your financial support for armory or charity as what our pity politicians does. I do not ask for your physical support or presence in any global protest my countrymen is cooking in every state of your country. I am here to ask for the greatest, most noble, creative and diplomatic way of living a “china-free” life. All things in the world is practically made in china, it is their power over us. We are at an economic war against the greatest tyrant ever. an old friend which use to sell us goods and services dating back so long ago that their ancient emperors will be awakened of this abomination they’ve created.

    We have to act now or else, every china product you buy will be paying for the very bullets that will punch a hole in the head of my countrymen including our siblings’, parents’ and children’ when war arises. I humbly know that we Pilipinos are economically weak, my people has their spirit broken by poverty and false sovereignty; but it doesn’t mean that we cannot call for a global support and warn everybody else of the possible things that may happen. as you see, if the Chinese government can do it to us, then they can do it to your country as well. Since I cannot go to the streets to protest. i’ll endure from consuming and buying chinese-labeled foods from supermarkets and won’t even buy from their local chinese merchants here even just for gift purposes (chinatown, divisoria, tutuban & etc). if all pinoys, or those at hearts and compassionate to this call (FROM ALL OVER THE GLOBE) will sacrifice by eating locally produced foods and buy local products, we will not just maintain the money (foreign reserves, gold reserves) within our circulation, we can also show the world that its possible to boycott the fruits of their labor. by such, their government will significantly feel the punch.

    compute how much things you have in your house that is made in china and realise how generous you have been to them. its time to stop supporting them. remember, their power comes from every reserves our central bank pays the IMF for the products and services we acquire from them. i know its hard to do for now, but you will find it easier as time goes by.

    Lets do our own best ways to be financially, economically and patriotically responsible for our country. a substantial local boycott of these chinese imports may not only weaken their economy but will let their own kind (the chinese expats) express their financial woes to their government. Even if china controls 97% of rare earth market, it doesn’t change the fact that china isn’t the world. even the greatest oppressors has been tumbled by the majority. it is historically proven and it all happened because of simple individual belief and faith. faith and belief so individually weak like a strand of stick in a bunch of sweeper, but strong enough to sweep a land of dirt if combined. have you not learned how the people has won over the country from the late dictator? its not because of people power in edsa, its just a visual and final demonstration. its because of the people’s voluntary boycott to his cronies and business allies which had the voice to command the rise and fall of a ruler. i have revised this for so many times because your support and those with you counts. you are an important part of the sweeper we want to create to clean the world of these corrupt power trippers.
    1.) They (chinese expats & businessmen) will be heard because of our boycott.
    -these are politically influential people which voices can crumble or build governments.
    -Our purchases may be statistically insignificant for them but if we convice everybody and the world to stop patronizing their produces then it will be a powerful spear that may pierce their ambitious flight. they have soared with their belief, only our belief and faith can decide their fate.
    2.) Our Central Bank Reserves will rise.
    -due to smaller imports to pay with gold or foreign reserve
    3.) We’ll have a better credit standing in IMF
    -HIgher budget for armory due to higher Bank Reserves that will avail us more defense.
    4.) We buy local products which will help the majority of producers.
    -Supermarkets has cheaper produces compared to the local market but i prefer to buy in local market because the profit goes to those who needs my money; not for the benefit of the complicated graphical lines defined by PSE
    5.) We will be free from consumerism that has long withheld our ancestors.
    -You think you need chinese products? look better around and see the most creative of ways to live a chinese-free-life. consumerism blinds you; it makes you think you need the things you actually want. believe me, im prvately hired by companies to produce schemes to market their products.
    6.) They will realise the toll of threatening their cash cows.
    -hence, will think twice nextime

    -Karat Chef


  • wilburrt

    I agree, We can live without them, without their products. One of the simplest way on how to make a giant fall like David did to Goliath. Their heads have grown bigger than I thought…


  • Dawn Dare

    Stop buying Chinese-made fakes!


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