Mother’s Day: Not so sad but happy.

I never experience the feeling of having a mother.. I’m little bit melodramatic right now, not because of my tooth ache it’s because today is Mother’s Day. I envy those of have their mother besides them.. well, I have my father mother for short my Dad. I grew up with my Lola Pilar who became my Mother and when she passed away the only one that was left was my father. It was a hard time living with my father, why? He was a spoiled brat when he was at my age, somewhat black-sheep of the family. When he was in his mid 20’s 30’s and 40’s He already experienced everything like sex, drugs, alcohol and gambling, can I ask if “pawning some of your things is a vice?” LOL! . He already changed but still he can’t get rid his old vices like drinking liquor and smoking. I also have my Aunt Erly (Erlinda Pascual) she is like a mother to me, I know she loves me, she always helps me when I’m in need especially in my studies before. She had her surgery on her right or left breast(i forgot? >.< ) due to cancer and now she had her heart surgery. I was trying to reach her but no one answered her phone at home. I can’t stop thinking of her if she’s okay, if the surgery is successful I really hope it was successful. Tita Erly happy Mother’s Day, I hope you’re okay. May God always bless you and takes good care of you.


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