Customer Service.

        This is my first time to comment and complaint to a company’s service. Anyway, I was interested in availing one of the company’s promo Globe Blackberry Curve with the FREE and EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the NICKI MINAJ PINK FRIDAY TOUR on July 11, 2012 live here in Manila last June 1, 2012, I went to SM Megamall Globe Business Center to apply for a “PRE-ORDER” of the promo. I was assisted by the Globe Personnel at the GBC SM Megamall she told me that “I’m qualified” for the pre-order that I need to upgrade my plan to My Supersurf Blackberry Plan 999, I agreed and she wrote my name, my contact number, my email address in a coupon and told me that I will be notified through SMS or Call for my pre-order. So I agreed to wait for that, 14 days later I went back to the GBC SM Megamall for the follow up on my pre-order because the promo for Nicki Minaj’s concert will end on the 19th of June and the same Globe Personnel assisted me again and told me that there was no feed back in the management regarding the pre-orders and told me to wait again that I will be notified for the pick-up of the handset if there will be stocks that will be sent to them. So, I waited until the 19th of June. The 19th came and I went back again to GBC SM Megamall to make a follow up on my pre-order. As far as I can remember the Globe Personnel that assisted me that day named “Ninia” told me that “THEY” can’t find my name and told me that she will “clarify” this first if I’m qualified for the pre-order. I told her that I was informed by her colleague that I’m already qualified and told me to wait, I told her that I was very worried because I haven’t receive any feedback regarding my pre-order because 19th is the end of the promo and it was extended until the 24th, the Globe Personnel again asked me what will be my plan when I avail the pre-order of Blackberry Curve 9320 and I answered her its My Supersurf Blackberry Plan 999 then she looked into the screen and told me “Okay, I’m really sorry but I still need to clarify this first.” and told me to come back on the 24th that I will be notified again through SMS that she will be the one to txt me. I told her that my pre-order was in the 1st day of June and until now I haven’t receive any feedback from them, she told me that “ONLY for Re-contract accounts and new subscribers” , I laugh and told her that I saw the mechanics in their website and told her that I’m qualified for it and also her colleague confirmed it.. That “Ninia” insisted that she needs clarifications regarding it.I was very frustrated and my blood runs so fast to my bloodstream to my heart and up to my head that I was gonna burst into fire that I want to shout and swear at the Globe personnel but I didn’t. I calmed myself down and told her “Okay but I need a feedback this time, If I don’t get any feedback from you, I’ll be coming back here again“. I was very frustrated that time, after I left the store I called the hotline and told the CSR that I want my line to be permanently disconnected that It was so inconvenient and told her what happened. The csr empathized and told me that she will help me and will make an urgent escalation report to SM Megamall GBC regarding my concern to prioritized my pre-order application and assured me that I will be given a feedback within 24 hours. So I was delightful of what I’ve heard from the csr so I cancelled my request for termination of my account. After 24 hours I haven’t receive any feedback from them, because of the frustration. I called again and told the next csr my story after hearing my story. He told me that there are lots of stocks and He offered me the handset that it will be delivered 5 working days, so the date was 20th of June and the delivery date is on the 27th. I was surprised and happy at the same time after hearing that from him. I said okay and the csr told me to upgrade my plan now to bb plan 999. I told him “why should I upgrade my plan to that if I haven’t receive the handset yet?”, he told me “Sir for them to see if you really are qualified for it”. and I told him “Is it okay if I’ll upgrade my plan the day that I receive the handset?” but the csr insisted that I’ll upgrade my plan first afterwards he will create a report for my handset. So I had no choice but to agree because I’m really frustrated about it. So, my new plan was activated after 24 hours. The csr offered me that my handset will be delivered to our house but I told him that it’s okay if I’ll pick it up at the SM Megamall GBC so he agreed. The next day I told my office mate about it, she was surprised and told me “Why 5 working days? I was offered 3 working days and I got it after 4 days because I was not at home before.” . So I immediately called the hotline and complaint about it that I requested to have it earlier than the set date for pick up. I called for so many times in the hotline but there was not feedback or any response from my request here’s my Reference ID: CHU12060008855 I already memorized the ref ID because of the follow ups that I made. I called back again, every time I call back I told them my story over and over again. The csr told me that the delivery schedules for handset delivery is 3 working days for home and 5 working days in the Globe Business Center. I was so shocked and told her “Why is it 3 working days for home and 5 working days for stores? Is it hard to locate stores than homes? What the hell is that kind of a procedure that you have? I’m not mad at you I’m just mad with the service. For sim card delivery its 2 working days but when you go to a Globe Business Center you can get the sim card the same day. That’s a stupid procedure handset is more expensive than the sim card right?”. I haven’t receive any feedback from them until today.

       “I’m also with the company, I always put myself in every customer’s shoes that every time they call us to complain about their experience about the poor customer service, I always empathized and apologized because I know what it feels like. I’m not perfect but I always prioritize the needs of every subscriber like me to help them and give them good customer service.”

Alex Noble –  “He who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own.


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One response to “Customer Service.

  • Jennifer Magat-Lubangco

    Sad to say the service for globe has gotten worse since your post. i was laughing when i stumbled upon your article. Me and my hubby had the same bad customer service experience with Globe at the service center or by hotline. The loyalty rewards is a hoax and recontracting is a nightmare!! They will pass you around and ask for your reference over and over then do nothing about it. Funny, i cant say smart is any better. They both actually suck. Yup thats what we get for having only 2 telecom companies. less competition breeds incompetence and inefficiencies.


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