MRT – 3 : Metrostar Express Stereo Type Rail Transit.

Metro Rail Transit Corporation

Metrostar Express

       Why the Metrostar Express / Metro Rail Transit / MRT- 3 or MRT’s Management is so dumb that they can not look into their commuter’s needs? Everyday typhical day of our life here in Manila most of us uses MRT as our fastest and cheapest way to our main destinations like MALLS and also WORK rather than riding a Bus, Taxi, Jeepneys, Tricyles and Pedicabs. There is no time or day that you will ride the MRT and makes you like sardines fitted in the cans, their trains are so old, that some of their train’s airconditioning system is not working properly because you’ll get sweat while inside the train, the lights are also broken and dim that when train enters the tunnel the inside of the train gets darker and before you ride the train you will first experience the longest freaking lines at the entrance of the station and afterwards the lines at the railway flatform and extends from the wall of the station to a curve line.

       The Metro Rail Transit Corporation should upgrade their Trains, Stations and Service. They should add up more trains like up to 5 Trains so that if a commuter misses a train he/she will not wait for a very long period of time for the next train to arrive and to avoid “The Sardines Fever” because there are so many DUMB & STUPID COMMUTERS who doesn’t want to fall in line and wants to enter the train immediately sometimes there are free live UFC fights, Cat fights, Gay fights and Verbal fights live in the flatforms and inside the train and lastly to avoid “The Anaconda Line”. Some of their Trains sometimes suddenly stops that all of its commuters needs to evacuate the train and needs to transfer to another train, that’s why that station where the train stopped will declare “STOP ENTRY” and the volume of commuters in line outside the station increases not only on that station but all of the stations of Metrostar Express. One problem makes huge effect at the service of the Metrostar Express(MRT-3) to its commuters. Metrostar should also think of the what so called “Customer Service” to its commuters to transform it to “Good or Excellent Customer Service”, not just filling up their pockets with money.

You should try this “The more trains you put up, the more money coming in inside your pockets”. Metrostar Express(MRT-3) has been operating for more than a decade but still their service has not change. Wake up sleepy and lazy heads!

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