Roldolfo “Dolphy” Vera Quizon : “The Comedy King”

1928 - 2012

The King of Comedy

Rodolfo “Dolphy” Vera Quizon
1928 – 2012

       I was so shocked when I saw the tribute for Dolphy made by the ABS-CBN channel, I felt so sad knowing that Dolphy passed away.
Dolphy was an Icon, a Mentor, a Father, an Actor, a Comedian, a Man and an Inspiration to all of us. Tito Dolphy(well, we’re not close but everybody calls him that) thank you for all of those years that you made us laugh with tears of joy in our eyes. We will never forget how adorable you are, your handsome and most beautiful smile in the world.

I can’t remember the first movie of Dolphy that I saw, I just remember his hit sitcom the “Home Along da Riles” of ABS-CBN Channel 2. I always laugh at the scene when Kevin Kosme(Dolphy) gets his newspaper and smashes it to the “SUNOG BAGAs” and also to Richie(Babalu). I never failed to watched every episode of the Home Along da Riles. Tito Dolphy you are considered not only “The King of Comedy” but “The Legend of Comedy” and now “A National Artist”.

In behalf of my Family, Relatives and friends condolence to the family Quizon, Tito Dolphy may You rest in Peace and We know now that You’re with our almighty Saviour and God, that you’re making God, the people and all the Angels in heaven laughing so hard with you’re funny gestures and funny acts like what you did to us, heaven is full of laughters and endless happiness now because of You. You will always be in our hearts.

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